Track the market and see what might be interesting for your business.


Tailored solutions, with guaranteed success for any business and industry.


Management and accounting practices that bring good results and economic return.



Big changes are happening in the Brazilian accounting and tax law field, forcing all sizes of companies to be more demanding with their legal responsibilities. In a future, this new view demands more attention from the managers of how to attend many different situations without lose the focus.


Front to this moment, the Appice consider herself one organization that does not look for clients, but for commercial relation with her partners. This way provides health, faster and efficient solutions to all legal and marketing requirements.


The Appice is one of few companies in this segment having a quality system based on ISO 9001:2008. That certification happened through RINA of Brazil Technical Services Ltda. and brought many benefits for that organization and continues improvement to our client assistances.

In 15 years in the market, the Appice counts now with a very responsible and qualified team, with big talents. Together with all technologic knowledge, their employees are able to offer one outstanding quality in accounting services, personal management and tax law planning, helping your company to succeed in their busyness having no surprises with their obligations.


Leonardo Antunes Institucional AppiceIntroducing Leonardo Antunes,
Director Partner

Graduated in Accounting Science by Pontificia Catholic University of Minas Gerais – PUC MG and pós-graduated in Financial Management by Getulio Vargas Foundation – FGV, Leonardo have more than 20 years in experience in the accounting field, financial business and tax consulting provided to many companies in Minas Gerais and Brazil.

His very long and successful experience in the field guided him to a high position as Secretary of Economic Development of Contagem and as President of the Industrial Center of Contagem – CINCO, where he could contribute with many projects to the city development.



Brazil adopted international accounting patterns. With the use of Electronic Invoice and many modalities of the SPED, the level of demand on the management of the accounting information is higher day after day.

The Appice has tailored solutions and success warranty to any business and segments.

Appice SOFT: Essential for all small and medium companies that think bigger and are looking for agility, security and practicality. Your company counts with a financial system and total control of all fiscal and tax documents trough the Client area on the Appice site.

Appice FULL: Complete support and consulting for your business to grow even more. Implementation or integration with your financial and accounting methodology, meetings and process preparation between your managers and the high qualified Appice team.


Just Appice can provide warranty against errors in your audits and demonstratives. A quality warranty label in the services that allows your company to work with tranquility and focused on business and profits.




An Appice differential is the posture and compromise with the results. To prioritize and increase the better information flow, professionals are available to work inside your company looking for constant management and operational improvement.

Besides suggestions and monitoring for internal control implementation, tools are used to improve the management of your company.

Personal Management

Gestão de Pessoal

The maintenance of this area inside your company became necessary and expensive. The Appice will plan the entirely operation of admissions, layoffs and vacations.

The pay off of all salaries is realized at the bank of your choice, your company just has to authorize the debit in current account and the employees will have automatically their credit.

Information Management

Gerenciamento de informações

The Appice structure all accounting information for a simple and practical interpretation.

Financial information is added, what permits, to the directors of your company, clear diagnostics of your business through graphic comparative presentations.



tributaçãoTo assist the particularities of tax law in each company, studies and projections are elaborated to make the taxation more economic possible, fulfilling all legal principles.

After all, The Appice elaborates all demos to be sent to the Treasury.



Accounting Registration

registro contábil

The Appice offers forms of flexible work to ensure the best way to extract the accounting information and registers them later.

With professionals allocated in your company or accessing your ERP at a distance, your financial information can be transported and accounted in an own software.



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